Yards of the Month

This month Tommy and Betty Ann “Punkie” Davies are the recipient of the citizen Yard of the Month. They live on Chalmette street in League city.

Who introduced you to gardening? Aunt and Grandmother. Started gardening as a child.

Favorite garden? Butchart Gardens Victoria British Columbia

Why is front garden important? Pleases Betty Ann to make it beautiful. They built the house, and she laid out garden hoses while Tommy was away with kids at Boy Scout Camp for a week.

Why do you like gardening? Relaxing, satisfying, pleasing, beauty

Business Yard of the Month

This month Marinas, located on Main Street, is the recipient of the Business Yard of the Month.

Who introduced you to gardening? Mom

What does gardening do for you? Destress, escape Hands in the dirt Peace and quiet Just be!

Favorite plant? Tough one! Anything that produces fruits or veggies. It’s nice to garden and have things look pretty, but if it can feed someone, that is a real gift!