Sunday, December 28, 2014

January's Program (Jan. 14th): Kitchen Gardening

Roger and Mary Demeny, Galveston County Master Gardeners, will present a sprinkling of garden ideas pertaining to plants used in the kitchen and on the menu.  For meeting location information, click here.

December Business Landscape of the Month: Joe Pugh Insurance Agency

The holiday season is a festive opportunity for League City business to "Deck the Halls".  If you take a drive down Main street, notice the buildings outlined with colorful lights, ribbon wrapped lamp posts and garland strung with bright red bows.  So many buildings have put on their holiday cheer, it was difficult to select just one to recognize as the December Business Landscape of the Month.  Congratulations to all of the League City business for civic pride; it certainly creates a festive League City.

The Joe Pugh Insurance Agency was chosen as the December Business Landscape of the Month.  The Agency is in the heart of League City under the old oak trees.  As a former residence, the building has been maintained as commercial establishment at 921 East Main Street.  The landscaping is by BTC Landscaping and features gardenias, manias, lorapetulum, holly fern and the cast iron plant.  On the porch, potted plants and hanging baskets create an inviting welcome.  The building is sporting an evergreen wreath, bright red ribbons and Christmas bells along with lights.

Joe Pugh is the Agent; Dana Cooper is the Office Manager at Joe Pugh Insurance Agency. The League City Garden Club recognizes the Joe Pugh Insurance Agency as the December Landscape of the Month.  Holiday Cheers to Joe Pugh and his team for their holiday spirit and making League City look good.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Meeting Location Starting December

Beginning with our December meeting, next Wednesday the 10th, the Club has a new meeting location:

2105 Dickinson Avenue 
League City, TX 77573
This is directly across the street from our old location.
Meetings will take place on the stage area starting at our usual time, 10 am.  See you there!