Thursday, August 10, 2017

Garden Walk Cancelled

Members of League City Garden Club met to consider the feasibility of hosting the 2017 Garden Walk scheduled for Saturday, September, 23. After much discussion and consideration of written comments from members, it was decided to cancel the 2017 Garden Walk.

With members of the LCGC being personally impacted by Harvey and many other members providing support to those in need, resources of the club to support the Garden Walk would be stretched.

We truly appreciate the positive "can do attitude" of the homeowners to continue with this event. You have all been great to work with as we prepared for the Garden Walk; you have our sincere gratitude for being willing to share your garden with the visitors. We sincerely hope you will consider being part of the Garden Walk in the future. 

The garden club deeply apologizes for this inconvenience, but seeing the damage to our community and neighbors we feel the cancellation of the 2017 Garden Walk is in the best interest of all involved.


Judy Anderson

Garden Walk Committee