Monday, December 30, 2013

Conservation Challenge: How Can One Person Make a Difference?

Hello League City!

The Conservation Committee is asking club members to participate in a challenge to conserve natural resources. Because we live in an area where there is severe loss of wildlife habitat, destruction of native plantings due to construction and parking, it is important for homeowners to consider adding some elements back into their gardens to achieve a balance with nature. One homeowner can make a difference.

We are not asking for big changes, but would like to see some individual conservation changes that will keep nature close. The Conservation Committee has developed a challenge for the garden club members. The Committee has identified 10 different areas where garden club members can add positive changes in their garden. A category was also added for "other" so we could identify changes being made that we did not recognize. No one will be checking your progress; it is an honor system. Bees, butterflies and birds are important in keeping our green space, along with practicing water-wise consumption. Please work with the Conservation Committee by participating in the conservation challenge.

Practicing conservation in the garden can lead to the certification as a Wildlife Habitat®. We would love to see many of our members have their gardens designated as a Wildlife Habitat®.

The challenge is voluntary; members are invited to share photos of their project on the website and discuss it during the conservation report at club meetings. Small changes are welcome, but everyone can participate to the full extent of their comfort level.

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