Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February Business Landscape of the Month: Furie Petroleum Company LLC

South Shore Harbor is a beautiful home to many businesses, including Furie Petroleum Company LLC. Furie is an independent company exploring for oil and gas in Alaska. The office at 100 Enterprise Ave. is owned by Schafer Realty, the property manager.

The Furie office building is landscaped with an alley of Crape Myrtles, sculpted bottle brushes, encore roses, variegated gingers, and bananas around the entrance of the building; a private patio includes citrus trees, hibiscus, fox tail ferns and oleanders. With tropical plants in the landscape, evergreens make the landscape attractive year around and offer a refuge for wildlife. Bottlebrushes are attractive to many pollinators and it is good to see them being used in commercial landscapes.